Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Obama Brand

Watching this year's election, one thing is obvious. Obama has created a solid brand. He's incorporated a consistent visual look that ties in beautifully with his strategy of hope, change and progress. On a side note, it has forced McCain to do the same but not with the same consistency as Obama. You might even see several similarities with his look and Obama's. Imitation is the sincerest form of trying to win an election.

First, he uses the H&FJ designed typeface, Gotham to communicate the themes of freshness and newness.

Secondly, his site is just visually beautiful. Using Gotham and a visual style that incorporates gradients and blends, he really hots a home run aesthetically and hits the strategy perfectly.

Lastly, his logo.

No other candidate has treated themself as a BRAND. George W. Bush, flirted a little bit by using just the "W" symbol, but not to the extent of carrying over on all pieces of communication. Designed by Chicago design firm, Sol Sender, The Obama "O" can be used by itself, or with other elements, the stripes are rows of fields, the inner "O" is the sun rising (again, utilizing the theme of change). It speaks volumes of a candidate who can create consistency and communicate a message visually. Just think how well he'll run the country.

Look at his competition.

Not nearly as clever or thought out as Obama's. But at least they haven't copied his style, yet.

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