Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Curious Case of the Benjamin Button Typeface

You can't miss the marketing campaign for David Fincher's latest picture, but I've noticed that they changed the typeface from a beautifully custom designed, very literary feeling movie title, to a no-thought-put-to-it, Baskerville typeface that looks like it was thrown together in 3 minuutes. WTF!?

See for yourself:

Props on the smaller "F" and the contrast between the skinny "U"s and the "O"s! Fuckin' beautiful.

Meh. See for yourself. The site is littered with Baskerville.

What's next? Australia in Times Roman?

At least they didn't use Trajan.


Marcus said...

Just spoke to John over at Project C who did the website and online materials for the site. He says it changed 3 times, and he has no idea why.

Michael Doret said...

From my little experience working for the film industry there's usually little rhyme or reason to many of these decisions. Much of the time there seems to be a "race to the bottom", to find the lowest common denominator, and an avoidance of anything that might look "unusual" or have any innate character.