Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beautiful New Typeface - Deliscript

I was thrilled to check my email inbox this morning to find a very nice thank you note from superstar designer, Michael Doret for reviewing his then work-in-progress typeface, Deliscript. You've seen his work most notably the Knicks logo.

He even included a copy of this beautiful typeface. Which I can't wait to use. I wish I had it 5 years ago when I did the Carl's Jr. Pastrami burger commercial. There's a ton of signage in that commercial. I ended up using House Industries Sign Painter (along with real sign painters). But Deliscript would've been a hell of a lot better.

Love the attention to detail. There are so many alternates and different ways to set the text using the OpenType pallete. Love the tails and the ability to make them longer and choose different styles.

Truly a beautiful typeface. Buy it here.

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